If you have traveled to somewhere special, bring your Pickleball paddle and take a picture. You can represent the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club all over our country or the world. But, you have to show your paddle.

Andrew spain 4-12-2019.jpg

Andrew stated: "Just played pickleball with four Spanish guys here in Madrid! Two are very solid 4.0s, one a 3.5, and one a high 3.0—he’s new at it. (Based on my judgement.) At least one, Carlos, travels around Europe doing tournaments. Between my broken Spanish and their decently marginal English, we got by. I’d call the score in Spanish and they’d mostly call the score in English. (We were both being polite!) They were happy to play with me, even with me playing lefthanded!


It took an hour for me to get to the courts by foot and train, but fun stuff!"



Stuart Howell was in Cabo San Lucas recently and ran into the Cabo Banditos at the Cancha Secreta (which means secret court, I had to look it up.)

Stuart finds the Pickleball girl of his dreams!

Alan Cable is in merry old England and playing pickleball. He said it's raining over there also but at least they can play indoor.

Susie Dougan was recently in Japan and introduced the great game of PIckleball to her Japanese friends.

Susie Said:


"Pickleball play with some of the staff from the American School of Japan. Annie Reynolds from Bend Pickleball and I had so much fun last night introducing the game. Learning quickly, they played great and giggled a lot."