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1. Be kind, courteous and supportive to all. Pickleball is a      

    cooperative sport.

2. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. You will be        asked to leave the court if you exhibit repeated offensive or         unsafe behavior such as using profanity, making obscene             gestures or throwing paddles or equipment.

3. Be generous with line calls….when unclear the call should           benefit your opponent.

4. Call “ball” when balls leave your court to alert affected

    players and maintain their safety. 

5. Kindly return an errant ball directly to an alert player on the

    court from whence it came.

6. Do not cross a court when it is in play. Wait until the point

    ends then ask for permission to cross. Here's an article that 

    explains this well. 

7. Place cracked balls in containers marked broken balls. 

8. If you “tag” your opponent it’s good practice to raise your

    hand, apologize and make sure they are ok.


9. Offer to help set-up and take down nets.

10. Display good sportsmanship. At the end of your game

      tap paddles in congratulatory fashion.

Santa Cruz Pickleball Club

Rules of Etiquette

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