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FAQ #1: What is the club doing with my $30 membership fee? 

Your membership fee covers member specific perks including; accidental injury insurance, free training clinics, club events (annually, one holiday party and 1-2 tournaments) and equipment discounts. In addition to these monetary benefits members receive member-only announcements, have voting privilege and exclusive access to club paraphernalia, photos, club minutes and by-laws.


FAQ #2: Should I still contribute $2 each day I play?  Please do!

The Santa Cruz Pickleball Club deeply appreciates your ongoing donations. All proceeds are governed by the Board of Directors and are used in compliance with our mission to facilitate the growth of pickleball in Santa Cruz County.

Operating expenses including; liability insurance, court rental, court maintenance equipment (blowers, squeegees, brooms etc.), play equipment (balls, paddles and nets) and website costs exceed revenue generated by $30/player.


FAQ #3: Can I make tax-deductible donations?  Yes!

The Santa Cruz Pickleball Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so donations are tax-deductible. Monies collected help grow pickleball in our area and maintain, improve and build courts in Santa Cruz County. Our mailing address is Santa Cruz Pickleball Club, PO Box 4085, Santa Cruz, CA 95063

(Please see any Board member if you would like to explore making such a donation.) 


FAQ #4 Is anyone being paid from club funds? NO!

 All funds are used to benefit members and the greater pickleball community. Our club is entirely volunteer. There are no employees. Money received that exceeds operational expenditures is reserved to help fund our parks, our communities and programs to grow pickleball in our community. 

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