The Mission of Santa Cruz Pickleball Club is to educate the public about the health benefits of playing pickleball and to facilitate the growth of pickleball in Santa Cruz County through education and community awareness via partnership, volunteerism and innovative thinking in order to meet the competitive and recreational needs of Santa Cruz County new and experienced players.


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The Santa Cruz Pickleball Club misses club play as much as you however, we must continue to observe the health guidances made by our State, County and City officials. We will continually monitor for changes in mandates. While we are aware that some private clubs may be re-opening, we as a publicly accessed club are unable to do so since there is no way to manage the courts and ensure safe health practices for and by all players. Therefore, all club activities will remain suspended until Covid-19 has been managed to the point that there are no social distancing/gathering or play limitations. We are greatly saddened by these circumstances but believe, like many other sports, the health and safety of our community is far greater than a measured period of time without pickleball.  


We are aware that some of you are playing so to promote safety tips we have included a link to the USA Pickleball website  CLICK HERE to view them in their entirety. In summary USA Pickleball recommends;  IF you decide to play :

  • Play with others within your household 

  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer at the courts 

  • Clean/wipe down your paddles and water bottles before & after play (don’t share equipment)

  • Use your personal water bottle(s)

  • Use your tissue/handkerchief to contain sneezes

  • Consider wearing gloves and/or a mask

  • Use your personal pickleball and avoid picking up others pickleballs with your hands

  • Don’t gather to socialize before or after play 

As a member you will receive periodic emails with updates so stay tuned. 

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and patience during these trying times.

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