SCPC Halloween Potluck/Fun Tournament

Friday, October 29th

The 2021 Halloween Fun Tournament and Potluck was held on Friday, October 29th and is was a fun time for all.

A BIG thank you to Leslie McGarvey for taking on the task of organizing everything and making sure it all came off perfectly. 

We all would like to thank Dan Bliss for his excellent leadership in managing the Fun Tournament and putting it all together.

A big thanks to Dean Kingston for his help with the tournament and his accurate scorekeeping.

And a big thank you to John Connors for the great Barbeque, can't have an outdoor event without John's barbeque skills. 


Also a big thank you to Chuck Oliver for helping with the Barbeque.


Winners of the 2021 Halloween Fun tournament are:
"The Leprechauns"
  • Alan Cable (Team Captain)
  • Paul McClintock
  • Janet Benson
  • Sycha Grabost
  • Maia Zohara
  • Tom Sherwood
Winners of the 2021 Halloween Best Costumes:
  • Linda Eglin
  • Tim McGarvey
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